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Don't ignore CES this year because there's gonna be some Mass Effect gameplay


Viva Las Volus

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas at the beginning of each year. It's sort of an odd one for us in that it's just a smidgen too tech and hardware-centric to really get excited about. It's on our radar but it rarely makes waves.

This year there's at least one guaranteed wave. BioWare has a spot in the Nvidia's press conference where it'll show new Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay. Mass Effect's Twitter account confirmed this recently:

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It's a relatively big deal because EA is holding the Andromeda gameplay cards close to its chest. In the year and a half since its official reveal, there has been exactly one gameplay video and it was at The Game Awards 2016 last month. Nvidia's big stage is where the second one will happen.

For those who want the skinny as soon as possible, the stream should go live on Nvidia's site on January 4 at 6:30pm Pacific. For those who can patiently wait, we'll surely post it here shortly after.


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