Does Europe want Muramasa? Well enjoy the wait

Despite the fact that Japan will be enjoying Muramasa: The Demon Blade on April 9, Rising Star Games is continuing the Wii’s age-old tradition of making Europe wait by revealing that the game won’t hit the PAL region until 2010.

No firm release date for the United States has been given, although some retailers are expecting it to launch in the Summer. Europe was originally scheduled to get the game later this year, but now it seems that Spring of next year is most likely. 

In other news, Little King’s Story is being slated for a Spring 2009 release, but the territory is hazy. The date comes from Rising Star’s English site, and with no release date announced for Japan, some are taking that to mean the game may see a Western release before anywhere else. A bit hopeful, methinks, but similar things have happened before. 

Either way, that’s still a heck of a long wait for Muramasa.

Jim Sterling