Dodonpachi Resurrection on the iPhone: 30k in 4 days

Ha! I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘crap, I forgot to download Dodonpachi Resurrection for the iPhone this week.’ No worries. I did too. Cave’s shmup has only been out for about 4 days now, but it’s already seeing an impressive response on the App Store, with 30,000 downloads in only 4 days. This makes DDPR the number one game on the Japanese App Store and the Number two game in America, France and China.

I hope this says to Cave (and other game makers) that we want quality experiences on the iPhone, and that not everything needs to be simple games about flicking frogs or steering cars. This is a very faithful arcade port with some real work put into playability for the iDevices.

Cave, thanks for the love. Add one more to your count today.

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