DLC done right: Crackdown’s upcoming update

Hey gang, remember that Crackdown downloadable content pack we referred to all mysterious-like not long ago? Turns out that Realtime Worlds’ update for their infamous sandbox crime-stomper is going to amount to more than just a new vehicle or two. TeamXbox has the scoop on the update in detail, and it’s looking to be a complete revitalization.

Not only are we going to get a lot of nitty-gritty fixes — easier orb hunting for the last 50% of agility orbs, driving fixes, the ability to reset gang leaders, and a slew of others — but a heaping handful of extra content that will get even the most grizzled veteran ready for another go-round. The new DLC will come in two flavors: “Free-for-all”, which as it sounds is… well, free, and the “Getting Busy” premium pack, which will run 800 points.

Despite its price point of the tidy sum of nothin’, the Free-for-all pack provides some truly compelling additions, including “Keys to the City”, an all-encompassing cheat mode that allows players to spawn objects and vehicles, crank strength and speed into overdrive, and grant themselves infinite ammo. Should make for some really interesting co-op shenanigans. Players will also be able to impound any vehicle in the game, making them accessible at the Agency garage at a moment’s notice. The premium pack includes a slew of new weapons and vehicles, new game modes for both solo and co-op play, new agility races and an additional 350 achievement points to be collected via an assortment of fresh challenges.  

Holy crap, this is how you rock downloadable content. I hope other developers are paying attention, because this is what we ought to expect if we’re paying money for content in games we already own. This is DLC done right, and it should be coming sometime this week, barring any sudden delays. Be sure to check out TeamXbox’s write-up for complete details.

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