DIY Wii remote theremin sounds great and easily constructed

Recently, Ken Moore made the Wii remote useful. Instead of using it for pretend bowling or boxing, Moore turned his attention on making the controller a pretty slick theremin. While we can debate his motivation, the end product is undisputedly rad. In the above video, you’ll see Moore talk about what he did to create his device, although his blog can give you the big-time specifics.

And the best part about this entire process is that it only costs 35 dollars. The problem for a guy like me is messing around with wires. Sure, the stray LEDs only need to go to a battery, but I’m classically poor at anything slightly technical. Moore used a Roland JV-1080 synth to make all the creepy (but awesome) sounds.

If you were wondering about the practicality of such an item, check out Moore’s rendition of the Star Trek theme. It’s a wonder that we don’t have bands that only play theremins.

[Via Offworld]

Brad BradNicholson