DIY Mario clock; 4D meets 2D (and the resulting explosion destroys reality …)

(Editor’s Note: I realize Colette usually handles these arts n’ crafts type posts, but she’s spending the week on the Champs-Élysées educating French orphans on the dangers of intrauterine devices. Those lil’ rascals manage to stick those things everywhere! — Nex)

If you ever needed proof that the gaming generation is growing up, you need look no further than this Super Mario Bros. clock. It combines the subtle elegance of the Mushroom Kingdom with the timeless time-keeping of a wall clock, and in doing so, it cements the idea that our generation is very capable of shopping for groceries, dressing ourselves, and raising children of our own without resulting to foot-burning as a means of discipline.

Your parents may see gaming as a symptom of a general bloodlust or ennui within the younger folk, but they fail to realize that these games are our Berlin Wall, our Iran Contra Scandal, and to a lesser extent, our 99 Luftbalons. Next time your parents tell you you’re wasting your life, proudly show them this clock, and point out all the occasions on which you’ve not murdered your classmates.

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