DivX wants Microsoft to commit, go certified

Your PlayStation 3? That’s DivX certified. Your Xbox 360? Not so much. And the folks at DivX are kind of bummed about that. It’s like DivX wants Microsoft to wear its letterman jacket to fully prove that they’re dating.

“Currently, Microsoft does support DivX, which is fantastic, but the company has brought in some third-party support for the Xbox 360, and we are not very happy with that,”  DivX VP of creative, brand and community Jerome Vashist-Rota told TechRadar

“When it comes to DivX branding, we have had a hard time with Microsoft. Obviously we would love for some sort of partnership to happen.”

Of course, Microsoft does not need this certification, but DivX insists that both sides will benefit:

“It’s all about branding,” says Rota. “And branding can work both ways, so it is not just us losing out with the Xbox 360’s lack of official certification.”

I don’t think DivX is as big as it used to be, and I think that Microsoft knows that. Good luck with this one, DivX.

Dale North