Dissidia: Final Fantasy Web page updates with gameplay video

We’ve been keeping an eye on the official Dissidia: Final Fantasy Japanese Web site for awhile now, and we’ve just heard that it has been updated again, now with a game play trailer.

Hit the “New Movie” link and watch on as Onion Knight from Final Fantasy III brings the heat to a naughty Cloud of Darkness. You’ve gotta love the retrolicious Final Fantasy pop-up menus that appear during game play. It actually gets even better near the end of the video, where you see the selection of an actual spell, in this case, the white spell “Holy.” Nice!

If you haven’t already, also scroll through the character list, as it has been updated. I suspect that there’s many more characters to come. Where’s my chocobo?

What did you think of this gameplay? Could this be the geekiest fighter yet?

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