Dissidia: Final Fantasy gameplay hints, trailer and official site updates

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is one of my most eagerly anticipated titles of all systems, let alone the PSP. The game’s official Web site has updated with story, character and info sections all live — this is of great use if you speak moonspeak.

If you don’t speak Japanese, however, you can at least gawp at the amazing artwork, and some of the tantalizing screen shots collected on NeoGAF. Square-Enix really knows how to get the best of the PSP and is pulling together something that looks absolutely sublime. Also, a GAF member has shed potential light on Dissidia‘s gameplay:

Nomura claimed in this month’s Dengeki that he considers Dissidia an action RPG, and that even though there are no fields to travel around between battles, there are gimmicks and stuff that RPGs have. He also says that the game is not a constant stream of battle after battle but would not elaborate. He goes on to say that a lvl80 Squall can be beaten by a lvl20 Warrior of Light if you make use of the systems that have not been revealed yet, and also that the game has twice the amount of recorded voice work that Crisis Core did.

As if that wasn’t enough, be sure to check out the above trailer video as well. Get it while it’s still up, though, folks, because it might not last long. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go think about this game with a box of tissues present.

James Stephanie Sterling