Dissatisfaction with Braid ‘does not compute’ with Insomniac dev

MTV Multiplayer has a little quote from Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty designer Brian Allgeier concerning Braid that I’m sure the game’s many fans on Destructoid would agree with:

I thought, wow, six to eight hours of a side-scroller for 15 bucks, that’s amazing. To spend 15 dollars based on the gameplay I’ve seen and not be satisfied doesn’t make sense: does not compute.

The old price argument is more or less settled by now, with those who spent the money nearly completely satisfied with their purchase and those that decided not to buy it living the rest of their lives without experiencing one of this year’s finest games. Everybody’s happy, everything is settled, but it’s nice to see another developer speaking highly of a brilliant title that is even getting a little mainstream attention

Is there anybody among us who bought Braid and wasn’t satisfied? I’d be interested to see if anybody actually felt cheated out of their cash.

James Stephanie Sterling