Disgaea DS: Prepare to take your obsessive compulsiveness on the move

Who remembers Disgaea? Absolutely everybody? Of course you do. Yes, Disgaea, as camp as a mushroom in tap shoes and twice as brain frying. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Disgaea, but any game that allows you to level characters up to 10,000 is simply insidious and not to be trusted. Sadly, we are all slaves to the XP and it is time to kneel at its altar once more as Disgaea comes to the Nintendo DS. Oh yes. Oh yes indeed.

In an interview with NIS’ Nao Zook (sounds like a Bond villain), there was a fleeting answer to a reader question posed, asking meekly of the chances of a Disgaea appearing on the DS:

“Let me just say this… you can look forward to it!”

There you go! Nao Zook has given us all permission to look forward to one of NIS’ most beloved tactical RPG head-asploders with wanton gusto. Note that he never actually confirmed that the game would be heading to Nintendo’s handheld, he only said we could get our hopes up. Well? You heard the man. Start getting excited!

James Stephanie Sterling