Disco Elysium: The Final Cut receives a mysterious new update

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It’s Jamais Vu all over again

If you’re jumping into Disco Elysium today, you might find something new waiting for you. Studio ZA/UM has announced the “Jamais Vu” update for Disco Elysium, which seems to add some mysterious new content.

The developer discusses it in a new Steam blog, which has a few cryptic hints towards what’s been added. Disco Elysium is, after all, a detective story. Walking the players right to the new content might not fit with the whole vibe. So instead, ZA/UM has some helpful hints for finding the right threads to pull in the Disco Elysium update:

  • Perhaps it’s worth stopping a while to admire the scenery
  • The cold coastal waters are known to wash up the lost
  • Knock, knock, lieutenant

There’s also an image with some helpful hints to jog your detective brain. It has been a while for some of us, after all. It’s not easy being the best-worst investigator on the force.

Disco Elysium Jamais Vu update

And if you’re new to the mysteries of Disco Elysium, well, it’s also on sale as part of the Steam holiday saleDisco Elysium: The Final Cut is slashed down to just $17.99. And also, ZA/UM has teamed up with Remedy Entertainment and publisher 505 Games to make a special Control Disco Elysium bundle for the sale, too. That’s two very good games for a very good price.

Disco Elysium is still a game I think about, regularly. Whether for its beautiful world, the way it turns your inner cacophony of thoughts and ideas into a role-playing system, or just that trumpet ringing out over the water as you walk outside, it lingers. It’s still easily one of the most compelling role-playing game experiences you can find on a PC, and a small sense of Jamais Vu might be a good enough reason to go back. I’ve yet to play a high-action muscle cop playthrough.

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