The dead will walk with The Necromancer in Diablo IV, coming 2023

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Get your Skellybobs together

As a part of today’s Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase, Activision Blizzard released the trailer for its fifth and final class for Diablo IV — speak with the dead and command the armies of the grave, as you step into the terrifying visage of The Necromancer.

In typical Blizzard fashion, the reveal was accompanied by a grim ‘n’ gory cinematic sequence, wherein our titular deathtalker comes upon a party of corpses, using their unholy abilities to learn of their fate. Our anti-hero then embarks in a showdown with a frightening pack of lycanthropes, evening the score with a host of Ray Harryhausen lovin’ skeletal army.

The reveal of the Necromancer was followed by brand new gameplay footage from Diablo IV, along with a release window of 2023, when the title will arrive on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

For full clarity, you can find an abridged timeline of the ongoing Activision Blizzard controversy, investigation, and response right here.

Chris Moyse
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