Diablo III screens set to be consumed

In case you missed the Internet exploding, Diablo III was officially announced today. On top of all the trailers and information pouring out, Blizzard also offered a host of screenshots for the game. The images illustrate some core Diablo fundamentals. Included are hordes of zombies and minotaurs, a dungeon, gore, and magic.

Most importantly, the screens and videos today can parlay any fears that Diablo III is going to be a massive change. It appears as if Blizzard is going to draw from the same successful pool of loot-dropping, hack-and-slash mayhem that made people flock to the original games. That in turn, is just fine with me. I have been looking for an excuse to relentlessly click on a mouse for a long time now.

Do you guys think, at least judging by these screens and videos earlier, that Diablo III will provide everything you wanted out of a Diablo sequel?

Brad BradNicholson