Devil’s Third gunning for fiscal 2012

This is exactly the news I’ve been desperately waiting to hear.

Devil’s Third, the over-the-top new third-person shooter from Valhalla Game Studios and Tomonobu Itagaki, looks promising. All it took was a single trailer — which, really, is all we’ve gotten so far — to tell us what we needed to know: there’s Itagaki-level action, melee combat, and high-flying ninja dudes.

There was just one problem. The game looked rough around the edges, to put it nicely. I hesitantly chalked it up to Devil’s Third being very much a work in progress, and that things would hopefully improve in a big way. Thankfully, we more or less have confirmation that is the case.

According to THQ, we won’t be getting any serious hands-on time with the game until the company’s fiscal 2012, which ranges from March 2011 to April 2012. There is hope yet, folks! Also, it’s times like these that remind me we’re living in the future. Weird.

THQ puts Devil’s Third in 2012, announces UFC Trainer [Joystiq]

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