Devil’s Third could possibly get 3D support on PS3

Tomonobu Itagaki likes 3D enough to have a 3D television set in his living room, so I’m sure he’s thought about making his latest game 3D compatible. Valhalla’s Devil’s Third, revealed last week at E3, is a contender for 3D support, says Itagaki. It’ll boil down to whether the PS3 has the processing power, though.

“I myself have a 3D TV in my living room, so there’s no impossibility that it’s in my house,” Itagaki tells VG247. “But to be honest with you, we have to first spec out the power and strength of PS3, and after we do that, we can start talking about it, so I can’t promise anything at this point.”

So now we can add this to the little we know about the game to get a really rough picture: shooter-action, wall running, now maybe 3D, and probably ninjas and boobs. Sold.

PS3 Version of Itagaki’s Devil’s Third to Support 3D (Maybe?) [1UP]

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