Devil Survivor videos show game play, characters

We’ve been following the upcoming DS RPG Devil Survivor ever since we first saw the teaser images. A fairly crappy teaser trailer showed up earlier this month, but it didn’t show much in the way of game play. 

Today we have three videos that highlight the main characters of Devil Survivor. They give us a good idea of the look and setting, but it seems like Atlus is holding the game play details back.

The first, above, shows the busty, Pocky-eating cast member Yuzu freaking out when “Satan” appears. And by Satan, we mean standard RPG baddies. Shin Megami Tensei fans will recognize “Pixie” as one of the enemies. The music here is pretty badass, too. We don’t actually get to see the battle go down, but we do see the beginnings of something. What a teaser!

The first video after the jump highlights the whip-wielding, headphone-wearing (more headphones?!?) main character. You’ll notice the running time in the right hand corner, and the mobile phone-ish features on the upper left. Also, they’re obviously in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. 

The last video doesn’t give us more more than some dialogue with the other main character, Asturo. It seems they’re talking about a certain email they received. 

This looks good, but let’s see more, Atlus.

Dale North