Devil Survivor Overclocked: Atlus’ most voiced game yet

Atlus Japan said in a new blog post that upcoming 3DS game Devil Survivor Overclocked has the highest voiced word count in Atlus history, so much so that they’re a bit concerned about it all fitting on the ROM, or getting it all recorded in time for launch, says Andriasang

This remake adds on to the DS game Devil Survivor with an 8th day, which gives this title 20,000 voiced words in all. The new content makes up for 5,000 of those words, which gives us an idea of how big this new content is. That sounds like a lot more game. Good news for those that already played the DS game. 

Of course, this is for the Japanese game, but I’m sure the word count will be similar for the US release, which Atlus USA says is coming our way “soon.” 

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