Devil May Cry anime hits the ‘net, Dante just sits around

Recently (well, in the past week or so), the Devil May Cry anime hit the Internet, and was finally fansubbed, with relatively unreadable results. Now that there’s a decent sub of the first episode out, Japanator has put up a review of the show and their predictions for what it’ll be like.

What’s the plot like? Well, the show follows Dante, as a parallel to the video games — the story does not take place during any of the games. We see Dante as a mercenary, taking whatever jobs he can. So, what’s this manly man’s first mission? Protect a little girl. By the end? It looks like she’s his sidekick for the rest of the series. Oh, whoops. Spoiler alert. Not like it was a surprise or anything.

So, go check out the review on Japanator, and browse around the site for a while. If you’re interested in finding the episode, feel free to check it out on Stage6 here.