Devil May Cry 4: Welcome to the jungle

We already knew that Devil May Cry 4 is shaping up to be a great looking game, but a bundle of new screenshots show off some new locales and enemies that make us even more anxious for the game’s release.

Gamersyde has some shots of a tropical/jungle-looking enviroment. If there is anyone out there with doubts about this being an amazing-looking game, these new shots (especially the ones with the arcitecture and lighting) should change their minds. 

Other shots show images of new enemies. Several (one above) show freaky plant baddies that look like they came out of a next-gen Little Shop of Horrors-type brawler, while others show reptilian raptor-ish things prowling around Nero. It doesn’t matter — they’re all going to eat sword and lead.

These shots make us long for the February 2008 release date. For now, check out the highlights in the gallery below. 

Dale North