Devil May Cry 4 demo coming January 31 … probably

PlayStation 3 blog onAXIS is reporting that the demo for Capcom’s long awaited Devil May Cry 4 is set to land on consoles January 31.

This info comes way of an official Devil May Cry 4 Web site, which is said to have dated the demo (for both Xbox 360 and PS3) for the end of the month. Poking around the site, however, only shows that the demo is “coming soon.” Skeptics we are, we’d be inclined to call nonsense on this but onAXIS was slippery enough to snag the above screen capture … we are believers. 

Prepare for a barrage of corny “bad ass” quips and questionable Hot Topic garments, as Devil May Cry 4 hits North American shores on February 5.

[Thanks, Madninja] 

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