Development studio Ruffian Games goes official, now hiring

No, we still haven’t got an update on who’s developing Crackdown 2, but Ruffian Games has finally been officially announced.

If you recall, this was the studio rumored to be making the much-requested sequel to Crackdown, although Realtime Worlds seemed to think otherwise last month.

The Scotland-based development team says it has already been signed to “a development contract with a major publisher,” but that’s literally all Ruffian is giving away in regards to the deal.

Ruffian promises “to bring the best in action gaming to current generation consoles” and aims to create some of the best co-op and competitive online multiplayer in the business.

Based on its current employees, the studio might just be able to pull off such bold claims. I’m eager to see what Ruffian has in store for us, and I can’t help but wonder what the aforementioned game will turn out to be.

[Via Edge]

Jordan Devore
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