Developer trashes the SIXAXIS

Yesterday brought a very special Valentine’s Day gift from the folks at (CVG). In it they show us that not everybody loves the SIXAXIS as much as big Ken Kutagari thinks they should. If you’ve played with the SIXAXIS you might not find this too surprising.
Of course, it would be at this point that the true blue Sonyphile (or Jack Tretton, whom I will now forever refer to as Mr. Fibby McFibberson), would then clearly state that it is only a matter of time before developers learn to utilize the true potential of the controller. While that could quite possibly be the case, it seems that a developer has stepped forth to squash that sliver of hope.

 “Tilt control’s not difficult to do,” says Guy Wilday, head of Sega Racing Studio, on the possibility of tilty-pad gameplay being included in their new version of Sega Rally for PS3. “Fundamentally, though, the whole tilt control thing is rubbish. It’s no compensation for rumble.”

Looks like Mr. Wilday takes the somewhat dubious position of #2 in the “I’m a developer and Sony makes me grumpy ” pantheon.  

[via 1up

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