Developer: Stop calling Bulletstorm mindless!

People Can Fly, the studio behind Bulletstorm, is sick of people saying that it is mindless. Despite the glowing praise people have had for the admittedly brilliant looking title, studio boss Adrian Chmielarz wants people to admit that it makes them think.

“It bothers me when people say Bulletstorm looks like ‘great mindless fun’,” rages the developer. “‘Great’ and ‘fun’ I can live with, but how is it mindless?”

Chmielarz went on to say that the game has more strategic depth than its market rivals: “There is a hundred times more strategy involved in Skillshot gameplay than in 95% of the shooters out there.”

Bulletstorm looks brilliant and I really can’t wait for it. Seems like it’ll be great mindless fun, which is really what I want from my shooters. 

[Via Adrian’s Twitter]

James Stephanie Sterling