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(Editor’s Note: Nex has spent the entire week sequestered in a room at Seattle’s Ace Hotel working on the latest Decemberists album with Colin Meloy and the other lit-rock darlings. Due to his devotion to his true art, we’re having a young girl fill in for him. She can’t be any worse, right? — The Board)

Dear diary,

OMG! Pokemon Crystal! Brad bought it for me on his way home from work, and you just know he did it to make my mom happy. I know they’re doing it, but she acts like he’s just a friend. A friend who lives with us, and kisses her with tongue. It’s so gross.

Have you seen those pictures with the two cats and the one is playing Pokemon and saying “Hey cat, wanna see my poke-mans?”, or something like that. I <3 those cats! They’re my favorite cats, except for my cat, and my old cat, Koveri.

Tomorrow, Lynx and I are supposed to go out with these two guys from class, Tommy and Todd. Lynx is totally in love with Tommy, but I think they’re kind of nerdy. Todd is always picking his nose, and Tommy only likes heavy metal. Well, I just hope they believe as strongly as we do in the true glory of the Aryan race, and see themselves as soldiers in the ongoing war for white supremacy. Jenny says Tommy’s Mom is a

(Editor’s Note: Ooooookay, we’re ending this here. The talent agency specifically told us that these girls were NOT neo-nazis! Sorry about this guys. Nex will be back next week, and we can hope he’ll be less offensive than Lil’ Miss Himmler over there. — The Board)

The editors spent the week playing video games! Having significant others, and well-fed pets is SO last year, but neglecting all responsibility in favor of electronic stimuli is the new black!

To the list!

I’m momentarily over next-gen. And mayonnaise. Why does every deli sandwich have to have mayonnaise?  Guitar Hero one throughout the week for a little bit, and Sunday I actually beat Wizards and Warriors without the cart freezing up.  I have better TV now and the maidens still all look like they’re naked. No complaints or reaction from the pants, for that matter.

I somehow managed to play fifteen hours of Pokemon Diamond the day it was released, but since then, I’ve only managed three more. Between completely destroying Boom Boom Rocket, slowly working through Hard mode in Guitar Hero II, and touching myself when no one is watching, I just haven’t had the time to devote to coddling my Magikarp that I once thought I would.

Aaron Linde:
GRAW2 for awhile, but now The Red Star has completely eaten up my schedule. I’m with Niero — who needs next-gen when you’ve got one of the most amazing beat-’em-ups ever for just twenty bucks?

Dick McVengeance:
Ah, how I wish I could be playing video games right now. Instead, I’m spending my life in the editing suites.

Ron Workman:
On the Wii – Tiger Woods 2007. I have to say that having an inaccurate controller completely killed this game. Its almost to frustrating to try and play a serious game. Randomly Tiger will swing when you stand perfectly still. Everyone I know that has played it has had the same outcome.

On the 360 – Crackdown. 498 Orbs and I swear to God that they left 2 out on purpose to F*ck with me. Here is where you laugh and make fun of me. Rapala Tournament Fishing was something that I rented and I have somehow had fun playing it. Don’t get me wrong…It is horrible in every way, but something keeps me playing it. You catch fish every damn cast!

On XBLA – It the same story for weeks. I play the hell out of the arcade. Eets, Boom boom rocket, Pinball FX, Marble blast ultra, Heavy weapon (Which I never played but now love), Small arms, Astro-pop, Crystal quest, Castlevania SOTN (Nexypoo had to teach me over the phone), Gyruss, Robotron 2084, These are all in 2 days!

I did hit my 100th different game played on the Xbox 360 this week and it was milestone that I am happy about. It made me think… Microsoft should really give Gamerscore points out for Xbox Live itself. You know, 50 gamerscore points for 100 games, 10 Gpoints for having a video chat, 1000 messages sent, bla bla bla. Just an idea, but don’t count me out. 2 things that came from Ron Workman’s brain are coming to Xbox Live and I couldn’t be happier.

In less than 24 hours of receiving my Xbox 360 from from the repair center, I’ve played: Guitar Hero II, Gears of War, Project Gotham Racing 3, Viva Pinata, Dead or Alive 4, Castlevania: SOTN, Jetpac Refuelled, Gyruss, Contra, and Pac-man.

Robert Summa:
I still haven’t turned on my Xbox 360 in weeks. The PlayStation 3 has taken over my life. I’m playing The Godfather, still, Resistence, still, and the new Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo (hawtness). And yes, I’m still playing a helluva a lot of Command & Conquer 3 on the PC.

Nick and I rocked some Crackdown this week, and it was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had with the game. If I’m not kicking trucks down the streets of Pacific City, I’ll be spending some time with Eets, Pinball FX, and Boom Boom Rocket. God, I love XBLA.

Rev Anthony:
I found an old copy of Castlevania: SOTN, but I’ve gotten completely and totally stuck (which means I’ll probably stop playing it). On Aaron’s orders I’m going to get Red Star today, and later this weekend I’m going to try to see if my copy of Ikaruga is just broken, or if there’s a reasonable explanation for why my ship keeps randomly and repeatedly blowing up inside the box factory section of Chapter 2.


I’ve been playing Trauma center all week at work when I’m bored out of my skull. I pretty much finished it so I’ll need a new game soon. I thinking Evil Dead: Resurrection because I’m so into Bruce Campbell this week. I keep playing with my Ash figures.

William Haley:
Unfortunately I gotta jump in Niero and Aaron’s next-gen hiatus bandwagon. I finally hit my gamerscore goal a while back and couldn’t have timed it any better since there is literally nothing worth playing right now, and everything that WAS worth playing has been pushed back to September. Of 2009.

So I’m using this opportunity mostly to catch up on or replay some PS2 goodness, including but not limited to: Valkyrie Profile 2, Bully, Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War 2, Radiata Stories, Final Fantasy XII, Disgaea 2, Rogue Galaxy, Xenosaga 2 & 3, and… Sonic Mega Collection Plus.

My girlfriend and I also recently began doing the co-op to Halo 1, but she screams every time her shield gets depleted so I think from now on when she wants to play I’m just going to say “I’m not really in the mood right now.”

I received my copy of Pokemon Pearl and have been playing it here, there, and everywhere! I’ve got close to ten hours currently logged and I easily see myself continuing to play for quite a bit longer. Super Paper Mario is also on my plate, since I need to friggin’ finish that game before I snap and start showing everybody my Pokemans.

Would you like to see my Pokemans?! Let me show you them! (Empoleon FTW.)

Nick “I followed all of Nex’s rules and now he hearts me” Chester:
I went on a gaming rampage this week. I’ve been playing Eets: Chowdown (XBLA); Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3); Crackdown with Topher on the Xbox Live; and I was able to coerce someone into not only coming over to my house, but playing Guitar Hero II (360) with me, just so I could get the co-op achievements.

My wife and I also rented Untold Legends (PS3) because we enjoy hacking and slashing things as a team. It’s fun for what it is, but that’s because I can overlook things like environments that block the entire game play field because of spotty camera.

Cybernetic Tiger Z:
I finally started to play Okami for the PS2. So far this game is absolutely stunning. Although, I’m afraid I’m going to stop playing it any minute. Ever 5 minutes that stupid green imp creature on my head starts to talk. It’s bad enough the characters talk like Animal Crossing speech, but the fact that you can’t speed up the dialogue is driving me crazy!


Well that’s it. Wanna take bets on how quickly someone will be offended that I made allusions to Naziism? I’m gonna say it happens within 10 comments. Anyone wanna cover $50?

What have you guys been playing? 

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