Destructoid’s games of the week for 04/01/07: The State edition!

Yeah, this week is a total copout. I’m really damn lazy and have no creativity to speak of at the moment, so instead of a story about Glenn Danzig, you get clips from MTV’s The State. Then again, since I have made a successful career of blatantly ripping off Michael Ian Black, it’s almost like you’re getting something directly from me!

Sorta …

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(Editor’s Note: If you’re so inclined, you can also pick up the first season of The State on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace or the iTunes Music Store. MTV was kind enough to toss those episodes up there, but they’ve been utterly draconian about releasing any DVDs. God, please kill MTV. — Nex)  

Alright, now we’ll get to what everyone’s been playing.

Nick Brutal:
I had been playing through God of War II when my PS2 stopped working; so what’s a boy to do? So …

I went out and got me one of those protein folding, God of War II-playing machines. Oh, it apparently plays Blu-Ray discs, too.

I also started playing Shivering Isles on the 360, as well Earth Defense Force 2017 which, despite being one of the worst games ever, is totally fantastic. Figure that one out.

And despite my incessant whining about Symphony of the Night coming to Xbox Live Arcade, I have yet to even play the DEMO. Turns out, I actually own a copy for the PSX and the 200 achievement points aren’t worth $10 to me.

Something made me want to play We Love Katamari the other day, and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again. Aside from that, I’m still playing Rocket Slime (yes, it really is that fun,) TMNT Arcade on Live, and I’m gonna take some laundry over to Nick’s house so his PS3 can fold it for me.

I beat 72 hour mode in Dead Rising, and plowed through Overtime Mode … right up until I hit the real last boss (who I spent a week fighting). Having to fight a trained special forces officer in hand to hand combat after spending the entire game annhiliating zombies with shotguns, cars and baseball bats, is like slamming your dick in a car door. It hurts, you’ll have blood all over your testicles and when you finally beat it, you’ll probably be sterile.

Colette Bennett:
Cooking Mama and Trauma Center for DS. The latter makes me want to claw my eyeballs out in frustration.

Ron Workman:
Live Arcade like crazy. I just can’t help it. It is just way to easy to play games that are loaded on the hard drive. I have also played Crackdown, The Outfit (Yeah I know right?), and COD2 as always. The guys at EG have got me really wanting to play the new C&C game and I can’t wait.

I’m going to try and learn how to stop worrying and love the RTS genre by getting my hands on C&C3. If I can get through the entire campaign without switching to easy mode or consulting a strategy guide, I’ll be absolutely astonished.

Dick McVengeance:
Alright, I’m just finishing Lunar Knights. Screw getting all my weapons up to level 16 (which is ridiculous, mind you). I’m also determined to play through the entirety of Red Steel — and make Necros suffer through it with me. Occasional races in Excite Truck, too.

I am so sick this week with a cold and lack of a voice. I’ve been sleeping alot and spending time getting my new car, since the last one is toast. Only game I’ve been playing is Final Fantasy XII.

Played through Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time for the DS again. If you know me, then you know I HATE RPG games. Yet I can always play any of the Mario RPGs.

I’ve also started playing through God of War 2 again. No point to it, I just want to make out with my weapons.

Robert Summa:
Finally got Motorstorm for the PS3 sent to me. And … it’s hawt! Loving it, no doubt. Also will get some C&C time this week so I can crush the EG guys.

My Xbox 360 is being shipped to me from a repair center, so the only games I’ve played this week are Banjo Toooie and Elite Beat Agents. Luckily my 360 should be back by Tuesday — just in time for Guitar Hero II.

I’ve been playing Pinkslip.


That’s it. No mas. Fin. Now it’s your turn; what have you been playing? 

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