Destructoid’s community meetup plans for PAX Prime 10!

PAX Prime 2010 starts this Friday! This will be the fourth year in a row that Destructoid has attended the nerd mecca and in Seattle, Washington and we have some awesome things in store for you during the entire weekend!

We’re doing another panel on Saturday at 10:30AM in the Unicorn Theatre! Niero, Chad Concelmo, Jonathan Holmes, and Jim Sterling will be hosting Destructoid LIVE! where we will be discussing all sorts of things, giving out fabulous prizes, and we’ll even have a world-exclusive game reveal at the panel!

Of course, we’ll have our nightly plans for our huge community to keep themselves occupied with during the weekend all detailed below. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun times!


Meetup at Game Works @ 9PM. Game Works is located on 1511 7th Avenue, near the Convention Center.

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Former Features Editor, Anthony Burch, and current editor of all things cute, Ashley Davis, will be guests on the Presents: Entertaining the Gamer: What Does it Take? panel in the Pegasus Theatre at 5:30PM.

Reviews Editor, Jim Sterling, will be a guest on the Do You Have A Chance Against IGN, 1UP, & GameSpot? panel in the Raven Theatre at 6:00PM.

Meetup at The Elephant & Castle Pub @ 8PM. Located right underneath the Red Lion Hotel on 1415 5th Avenue.

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Destructoid LIVE! panel in the Unicorn Theatre at 10:30AM. Make sure you wear a Destructoid shirt as we’ll be taking the annual big group photo immediately after the panel.

Meetup at The Chapel @ 8PM on 1600 Melrose Avenue. Wear a fancy outfit for Suiterday!

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Meetup at Rock Bottom @ 8PM on 1333 5th Avenue.

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Everyone cries, says their goodbyes and starts planning for next PAX in Boston and Seattle next year. 

Plans can change at any moment so it would be a good idea to follow some of the staff and community of Destructoid on Twitter as we’ll be updating everyone if plans change: Hamza CTZ Aziz, Niero, Samit Sarkar, Dale North, Jordan Devore, Conrad ZimmermanJonathan Ross, Jim Sterling, Hollie Bennett, Tactix and power-glove. Also, be sure to check out this app for phones called Conventionist, which is a perfect pocket guide to the expo!

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