Destructoid three-year anniversary live stream!

Destructoid is turning three years old this Monday! It’s also Niero’s birthday on Monday! OMG CELEBRATION! We’re holding a party at the new Dtoid offices here in Miami and the cops have already been called on us three times. Seriously.

For those of you who can’t make it out, check out the live stream that R3Y set up above! We have a projector showing random stupid pictures, a giant inflatable boxing ring that’s next to a roof where Blindside Dork just beat the sh*t out of Nick Chester and an endless flow of robot fuel. 

Some of the Dtoid city groups are also holding some parties right now and you can check out their live streams after the break. 

DtoidLosAngeles live stream

Watch live video from dexter345’s channel on

DtoidSeattle-Vancouver live stream

Watch live video from Destructoid NW WANT TO LUV U on

DtoidSanFrancisco live stream

Watch live video from tactixdtoid’s channel on

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