Destructoid's 2010 New Year's Resolutions


There's something about the number two-thousand and ten that sounds very positive to me. This new year already feels positive, and it seems like everyone else I know is on the same page. Perhaps you can't help but feel like 2010 is going to be a great year after coming off a string of not-so-great years for the world. I don't know what it is, but it feels like the start of something good.

As I sit here in my office, with the warm sun shining through the windows on this cold winter day, I'm thinking about what I want for my 2010. I'm thinking about how good it's going to be. There's already indications that things are going great for us here at Destructoid, as well as at all of the ModernMethod websites. Internally, we're gearing up to make our teams bigger and better than ever. Destructoid has also opened an office in San Francisco, official as of this week, so that we may attack this nation from both coasts. Finally, our own Editor-in-Chief, Nick Chester, welcomed the newest family member into his life, a daughter.

God, this year is going to be so good. We hope you'll stick with us to see what we have up our sleeves. After the jump you'll find our staff's New Year's Resolutions, both personal and professional. We'd love to hear yours, too.


Dale North:

  • Be a better musician, and work to get back to what I enjoyed so much about it in the past.
  • Master the language I've kind of known for too many years now: Japanese.
  • Take better care of my friends and family, see them more.
  • Focus on making Destructoid and Japanator bigger and better than ever.


Nick Chester:

Change my diet (dropping my nasty soda "addiction" starting today), and apparently to raise a happy, healthy baby through her first year of life. Uh, what!?!? Also, I'll do my best to finish games I start playing, instead of getting distracted by other titles. I think I'll start by actually completing Modern Warfare 2 this coming week...


Josh Tolentino:

To develop a more professional work ethic (starting with wearing pants), and then get a job that suits it.


Topher Cantler:

  Improve my Flash skills and make The Journalism Show into something actually worth watching.


Brad Nicholson:

  • Get over this infection, and hit the gym f'ing hard. I plan to become bigger than the Batman.
  • Be a better writer
  • Be a more assertive leader
  • Create more interesting/provoking media
  • Learn more about image editing
  • Find uses for my History B.A.
  • Discover better videogame-related research tools


Jonathan Holmes:

Finish all of the feature ideas that I have (I have at least thirty started that still aren't done), finish all the Dtoid art projects I'm half finished with (current count is at three), review more PS3 and 360 games (if Jim lets me), be less fat, grow my hair back, and stop being so sexy.


Hamza Aziz:

Keep being awesome.


Jim Sterling:

  • Kill a man.
  • Make a list of everybody I've ever met who owes me an apology for some slight or other.


Samit Sarkar:

It would be nice if I could figure out what I could do with a history degree before I complete it, because everyone keeps asking me about that and I don't have an answer yet. I'd like to say some of the usual crap like "stop consuming junk food, candy, and soda all the damn time," but that's kind of the essence of who I am. Gotta keep that blogger physique!

Maybe I'll finish more of the games I start instead of being schizophrenic about what I play.

Also: Find more names to drop!



Make Destructoid felt in San Francisco.

Get back into the shape I was in high school. (And sell tickets to the
Nicholson + Chester + Niero gun show)

Surprise the Dtoid community (and editors) with science.

Dare to do more things I've hesitated to far too long.



Conrad Zimmerman:

I'm going to try to be less annoyed by things which I think are a bullshit waste of my time. It's also the year I quit smoking, which may make the first resolution a little bit more of a challenge.


Chad Concelmo:

Finish my 2007 resolution and finally beat Phantasy Star II. [Ed's note: Use graph paper and draw out dungeons!]


Jonathan Ross:

To stop being so fickle with games and buckle down and just finish a game once I start it, instead of getting distracted by new stuff every week.


Ashley Davis:

To draw more, write more, explore more creative ways to entertain everyone, stop procrastinating, and battle my humongous backlog of games.


Brad Rice:

  • Get another screenplay done
  • Finish this book I'm starting for Jtor-related stuff
  • Job!
  • Actually meet the FBI's fitness requirements for special agents
  • Pass the JLPT level 2


Benjamin PerLee:

I'm going to finish my English degree, get back to the gym and lose 20
lbs before bulking up with proper muscle, read more books, and also
get a dog. All, actually, are possible.

Oh, and become fluent in a language that I've been learning/annoying
people with. Fingers crossed!


Jordan Devore:

As decided a few weeks ago, my two resolutions were going to be losing ten pounds or so and also starting (and finishing) Mass Effect, but I've already accomplished both of those somehow. Hell, I even had time to play a certain Valve game after everything was said and done.

So my actual resolutions are to play games I wouldn't normally play for the sake of better coverage for the site, to continue having obscene amounts of fun with great friends, and, here's the big one, to keep the stories flowing throughout the night (including weekends but not holidays).

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