Destructoid Network: This week’s finest

Man oh man, what a week. Destructoid spread its robot love like nothing else with TV, podcast and Web site appearances. In fact, the CDC is now looking into an issue of robot herpes that seems to be spreading like wildfire across the Internet. Lock up yo’ chilluns! But after you do, check out what was hot this past week:

Destructoid Top Five:

Nintendo’s top mistakes … evil grin
Summa’s top ten games that need to be revived
Hands on: Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
Fun isn’t enough: why video games have to move beyond simple escapism
Left 4 Dead hands-on preview posted; are zombies still zombies if they can run?

Japanator Top Five:

One Piece finally says good bye to 4Kids forever!
DVD Review: Kurau Phantom Memory
Podtoid-san 8:We’re trying something new
ZB’s A-Z of J-Music: “B”
Guggenheim in Japan: Murakami comments on Otaku Culture

NextLust Top Five:

Leopard hits an iPhone brick of a wall
Microsoft admits to exploit in Vista activation through BIOS, may fix it
Spy on aliens from sun-like star planets
Nokia concept phone: The future of cell phones?
A mobile OS powered by the Sun

Robert Summa