Destructoid Network: This week’s finest

In our ever growing list of weekly features, we have decided to go ahead and add a weekly roundup of the top five stories from the Destructoid Network (Destructoid, NextLust, and Japanator). Take a look at what was hot this week:

Destructoid Top Five:

Summa vs The Loop: Version 2.0
Circuit City: We have the right to have you Mastur-bait and switch. O RLY?
Resident Evil: Extinction teaser trailer
SEGA announces new Virtual Console titles; Vectorman is coming your way
The Linearity Question

Japanator Top Five:

A mangaka’s tribute to Akira Toriyama and Dragon Ball Z
Wii battle: Eyeshield 21 controls vs. Madden 07 controls
Podtoid-san 1 makes it debut
How to stalk women like a pro!
Guggenheim in Japan: Teruya’s Protest on the Environment

NextLust Top Five:

Cure for cell phone cam red eye, surprisingly not visine
Ojo plays nice with other webcams
Product Review: Xtreme HD DVI to HDMI cable
Study says spending on video downloads to surge; sky to remain blue
Toshiba and Amazon make it a little easier to make the jump to HD-DVD


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