Destructoid Network: This week’s finest

OK, yeah, this week’s Destructoid Network round-up is a wee bit late, but I gots reasons. Many reasons. So many reasons that I can’t even share them with you. But I still love you baby, don’t worry. Here’s what was hot last week around the Destructoid Network:

Destructoid Top Five:

Here it is Internets; The Grand Theft Auto IV trailer
Halo 3… hundred?!!
Podtoid 21: Who digested my old pants?
In case you missed it: Epileptic Gaming #112
IGDA: Talking next-gen gaming

Japanator Top Five:

Podtoid-san 6: PRANK CALL! PRANK CALL!
The Japanese Tradition: Bowing
Everytime A Bell Rings, A Japanese Pedestrian Moves To The Left
ADV to bring anime to Xbox 360
Wednesday Artist Spotlight: B’z & Tak Matsumoto

NextLust Top Five:

A Mac Mini or an AppleTV? Why that extra $300 might make your day
Apple and EMI announce DRM-free music on iTunes!
It has an accelerometer!
ICANN puts an end to the .xxx domain, world can finally rest- for now
Many Bothans died to bring us this Sony five-megapixel camera

*Also, still looking for some good NextLust regulars. So, if you got a lot of spare time on your hands to mouth off on the tech industry, then let me know: [email protected] 

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