Destructoid Network: This week’s finest 07/08/07

In the future of this feature of mine, I plan on giving it a very Ninjtendoie twist. Until then, enjoy this video of me showing off my Mario sound drops and laughing like an insane maniac. 

On Destructoid, the biggest news to me this week was when Microsoft announced the 3 year warranty. It’s a start to fixing an epidemic. On Japanator, Zac posted a very humorous video on how to escape a fart like a ninja. On NextLust, J.T., gave a very extensive two part review on the iPhone. Cameron also broke news that AT&T is giving free access to WiFi hotspots if you have an AT&T account. Finally, in the C Blog’s, Dyslixec tells us why he is such a passionate gamer.

What interested you the most this week Dtoiders?

Hamza Aziz