Destructoid Network: This week’s finest 07/01/07

Here’s this week’s top stories from around the network. The ESRB and European officials continue their crusade against the videogaming culture. Then again, how can you blame them when over zealous fanboys make really stupid Youtube videos.  Over on Japanator, we covered the Anime Expo in full glory. Jtor writer WestCabaretDrive along with CheapyD go on the hunt for the best New York style pizza in Japan.

On NextLust, Cameron (a.k.a, the guy who kinda looks like Seth Green) tells us how to get a geek girlfriend. Bonus, this is more or less a Nerdcore type post! Finally, on the Community Blogs, HuskyHog shares a heart warming story/paranoid guilt trip on how he got his father addicted to gaming. 

What were your highlights from this past week Destructoid Network peeps? 

Community Blog’s Top 5 stories:


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