Destructoid Event: Drift Day edition

I’m often reminded just how amazing it is to work for a site such as Destructoid, and this video is hardcore proof that every day my expectations are surpassed.

Codemasters decided to fly Dyson and me down to the Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, California, for a day of drifting and hot, smoggy air. We got the chance to sit in the passenger seats of race cars as professional drivers flew us around the track (on what felt like a high speed teacup ride!) to experience how real-life drifting would feel, in an effort to demonstrate just how well they replicated it in the game.

Check out the video to see our interview with Brad Schlachter, Senior Marketing Director for Codemasters, to hear about their upcoming release, GRID. You’ll also get to see some of the drifting in the game that they spent so much time perfecting.

Look for GRID, coming to stores on June 3rd.

Dan Lingen