Destructoid Bot & Crossbones tee now $1 at NerdyShirts

One dollar one dollar one dollar one dollar! Okay, so only those of you who joined us in Mexico last week are going to get that joke. Anyway, unlike most of the awesome Mayan craftwork the villagers were trying to pimp to us, this is something that actually only costs a dollar. Some less awesome, but still kind of cool Topher craftwork. On a shirt.

I made this for our web store about a year and a half ago, and it’s become known as the Dtoid Pirate tee. I guess people just saw the crossbones and thought pirate, but I was thinking more … you know, metal. Whatevs. Anyway, it’s only a dollar now, and it’s on sale until Sunday. Head over to NerdyShirts to pick one up, and tell them they owe me a slurpee or two. 

Topher Cantler