Destroy the environment for profit in Greed Corp

W! Games has announced the upcoming release of Greed Corp for PlayStation Network. Greed Corp is a turn-based strategy game in which players control one of four corporations raping the environment in the name of profits and survival. It features over ten hours of play in the single-player campaign as well as 36 multiplayer maps which support up to four players and the abillity to play with both local and online players at the same time.

What looks to be pretty cool about it is the way the battlefield gets destroyed over time, as strip-mining and battle take its toll on the landscape. As tiles become damaged, they’ll fall away from the board, changing the terrain permanently and offering opportunities to destroy opponents by pulling the rug right out from underneath them. Damn neat idea. 

According to the developer, Greed Corp will be the first in a series of games to use the world created for it which definitely has a unique look to it. The game will release in September. Hit the jump for a trailer and be sure to check out the screens and concept art in the gallery below.

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