Demon Souls’ Maiden in Black is available to pre-order in Figma form

maiden in black figma demon's souls

Everyone’s favorite overseer

Good Smile Company has added another iconic video game character to its classy Figma figurine range — This time, it’s the turn of the charming if unnerving overseer of The Nexus, Demon’s Souls’ esteemed and much-loved overseer: The Maiden in Black.

The sweet demon stands a little over six inches in height, and is sporting the trademark poseability that is a key feature of all Figma models. This allows the Maiden in Black to be posed in a variety of demure and evocative stances, bringing a sense of morose disquiet to anybody’s bookshelf or work desk. The maiden comes packaged with a selection of alternate hands, as well as her huge, path-lighting torch. Three variants of her skirt are included, in order to facilitate both sitting and standing poses.

A rarity for the Figma format, Good Smile Co. has released a video of our girl, perhaps aware of the maiden’s mammoth fan base and the likelihood that she will be one of the more popular Figmas.

If you would like to invite The Maiden in Black Figma into the warmth of your home, then you can pre-order her right now over at the official Good Smile Co. store and other import retailers. The Maiden retails for ¥12,800 (or roughly $93 USD) not including shipping or any potential custom charges. Unfortunately, it will take her a long time to make her way from The Nexus to your house, as global shipping is not expected until January 2024. Still, what a wonderful guest to ring in the new year.

Demon’s Souls is available now on PS5.

Chris Moyse
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