Defining H2O the BioShock way

A great atmosphere is something all video games should strive for, and by the look of it, BioShock will capture the decrepit underwater city look quite nicely. This is all possible thanks to some fancy looking water effects and the power of the Unreal Engine 3 as seen in the above video (also viewable in HD).

Believe it or not, The Cult of Rapture even has a whole interview devoted entirely to BioShock‘s in-game water. It’s an interesting read if you want to learn more about the technical side of the game, but the best piece of info to come out of the Q&A, bar none, is:

Will bodies float?

JJ: Yes! One of our programmers, Josh Downer, actually created a buoyancy system that works for all of the objects you interact with in the game, not just dead bodies. 

August simply can’t come soon enough.

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