Deep Black shows penetration that is safe for work

Between all the E3 news I found this trailer for PC game Deep Black. And apparently it’s out now! You’ve never even heard of it, you say? Well that makes two of us.

Developed by Russian developer Biart Studio, it looks like a mix of Dark Void, Dead Space, and some game involving Master Chief. The twist is that it wil have a lot of underwater combat, although the trailer doesn’t really show much of it. You’ll have access to underwater equipment like an underwater jet pack with an integrated harpoon (!) and “other high tech equipment.”

There is also “harpoon close combat” which is something we all need more of. I have no idea what the story is about, but it’s supposed to have science-fiction, espionage and bio-terror. You know, typical Russian storyline stuff. The trailer looks a bit generic, but you never know with these kind of games; it might be worth giving a try.

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