Dead Space coming to Wii … no, seriously!

We’ve just received word, via an Electronic Arts conference call, that last year’s critically acclaimed sci-fi horror game Dead Space is getting a Wii release. EA CEO John Riccitiello announced the game just moments ago.

According to the silver-haired Lothario, the game will have a similar feel to the original PS3 and 360 title. He also stated that EA will be “bringing a lot of core intellectual property to the Wii,” so don’t be surprised if other well-known PS3/360 titles like Mirror’s Edge start appearing on Nintendo’s little white waggle box as well.

In many ways, a Dead Space release on the Wii makes sense. While the graphics are going to be considerably stripped down, the game’s similarities to Resident Evil 4 make it a natural candidate for motion control. Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition felt right at home with the Wii’s interface, and Dead Space will likely follow the same path. 

Until we have more details, we can’t say much more. Expect to hear further news on this soon.

Jim Sterling