Dead Space 2 website updated with even more teasers

Part of what makes the Dead Space universe so cool is the mystery surrounding it. Think back to the first game — we never saw much more than what was directly happening on the USG Ishimura. On the flip side, it’s hard not to want some of the unexplained blanks to be filled in.

To go alongside the just-released, super hype-inducing trailer for Dead Space 2, the official website for the game has been revamped with fresh teaser content. There’s an audio log from the crew responsible for rescuing Isaac, a memorial to the Ishimura, and some slick wallpapers.

Basically, it’s everything a growing Dead Space fanatic could ask for. Personally, I can’t get that video off my mind. Will Isaac be doubted by his rescuers for describing the horrors he witnessed — a la Ripley in Aliens — only to say “I told you so!” as everyone dies and he’s forced to kick ass? Oh man, I can’t wait to find out.

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