DDO: Eberron Unlimited will be available on August 4

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited has a release date. Earlier this afternoon Turbine, Inc. announced that the digital upgrade “Eberron Unlimited” would be available for download on August 4th.

Don’t think of the upgrade as a typical MMO expansion. “Eberron Unlimited” does come with the traditional enhancements and core game tweaks, however, it’s also packs an unconventional overhaul of the way people pay to play DDO. “Eberron Unlimited” will make the game a free-to-play MMO and give players the ability to buy unique items or get whatever they need through a nifty store.

Below in the gallery, we’ve uploaded several new screenshots taken from two new modules in the game: the Ruins of Gianthold and the Devil of Shavarath.

We’ve talked about the digital upgrade quite a bit, but we’re still wondering something: how many of you are going to try this out?

[Update: Whoops. This story now has pictures! Yay!]

Also, I won this today:

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