Daniel Suarez interview: Transformers the Game edition

The guys over at Gamedaily.biz were lucky enough to interview Daniel Suarez from Activision recently, concerning the soon to be released Transformers: The Game, which is due to be upon is in less than a month.

Not only did he bring with him the good news that the voice actors for both Optimus Prime and Megatron from the movie will be on hand for the game, but also that fans can expect to find unlockable characters from Generation one (the only one that counts for most of us) in the finished product.

Still not sold on the game yet? Brace yourselves for  insightful commentary like only Suarez can deliver, after the jump.

In addition to this, he finds time to comment on the state of the Hollywood video game connection, and how attitudes are changing for the better as consoles make gains in both processing power and customer reach.

“Film makers, studio executives and nearly everyone involved in the production, marketing and promotion of a film are now gamers or have kids who are gamers. This makes the process of developing a working relationship with the filmmakers and the studio a lot easier as they have a greater understanding of your end goal and have built up sensibilities about the video game medium that allows them to contribute thoughts and ideas to better integrate the intellectual property into the game. 

Additionally, technology has helped bridge the gap. In years past, movie assets would have simply been beyond the processing power of any game system, but in today’s next generation of game systems – we can take film CG models and adjust the resolution and level of detail to translate to the capabilities of the game consoles, making the transition from film asset to game asset that much more seamless and the visual connection that much more realistic to the game player.”

Optimus Prime was not available for comment, but Megatron had this to say:

“I’m still getting used to the new form the guys have me transforming into, but a big part of me aches for the good old Walther P38 handgun days. If Michael Bay doesn’t get this one right, there is going to be Hell to pay. I have already crushed Optimus Prime with my bear hands, and you are an insignificant human.”

In related news, there has been no new word as to whether or not the game is going to be worth buying, or if gamers are as excited as Bay about the prospect of having the classic 1986 movie possibly replaced by a lesser one.

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