Daily Community Hotness: E3 2011 Day 1

Yes, that is Mr. Caffeine. And yes, this has been the first full day of E3.

This morning, Nintendo held their conference and finally unveiled the Wii U. With its 6.2 inch touch screen, there has been a lot of praise and disappointment coming from the community. Not only did we bring you news from Nintendo, but all day, the Destructoid team has been blogging non-stop with previews and videos of the show.

The Destructoid community has also been on fire today and we have compiled a list of what you have shared on the c-blogs and discussing on the forums below.


:: Completing the Big 3: The Last E3 Communicast! by DtoidCommunicast
:: So, my thoughts on the WiiU: by realyst
:: Wii U Tablet Controller – Why it may be the best controller around (Shortblog) by pedrovay2003
:: E3: Nintendo’s Conference and the Wii U – The console for you? by Noir
:: Hey Nintendo… by MathewRD
:: E3: WHO WON? WHO LOST? by TheJesusNinja26
:: Tarviews: Wii U, Our Bodies were ready… by Tarvu
:: E3: Play Desktop Dungeons E3 Demo FREE at home for next 3 days only by princevaliant
:: WEEOOOOOOOOO by FuriousGeorge
:: E3. Yeah. by Xzianna
:: When The Wii Got It Wight by Manfrum Enternet
:: Impressions: Nintendo 3DS eShop by GoodlyMike
:: E3 Approaches: Why I’m Still Playing My N64 by MacManus
:: E3 from a person at keeping up at home. by Jako21530
:: E3 Day 2 Impressions by KingSigy
:: The Piracy Misconception of Multiplayer by WarFace
:: Fire & Ice: E3 First Day Impressions by ManWithNoName
:: Bulltoid 33 – E3 Day 1!!!! by bulltoid
:: Gearbox Software is going to do what it wants, get over it by baauld
:: Sony is pushing forward its features like it’s nobody’s business by Cowboy
:: C blogs of 6-06-11 and Qalamarisms by CblogRecaps
:: MW3? zzz… by the2ndtolastspartan
:: Wait, Sony Also Had a Conference? Quick! Make Another Podcast! by DtoidCommunicast
:: $250!!!!!! PS VITA WINS!!!! by Crunshii
:: 06/03/2011 and putting the ‘mor’ in Beyamorisms by CblogRecaps
:: Sony is owning Microsoft – and why that’s bad by The Sama


:: E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference
:: E3 2011: Dale North Interview
:: E3 2011: Reactions Thread

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