CVS loves videogames, carries several knockoffs

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Guitar Hero

knockoffs aren’t new. Banking on the brand recognition Harmonix and Red Octane have cultivated, these shameless products are infesting shelves at a bajillion different brick and mortar joints including even stores that sell prescription drugs and whey protein powder ten feet from each other.

This afternoon we snapped a couple photos of Guitar Superstar, a brilliant all-in-one Guitar Hero spin-off. Aside from the ridiculous packaging — which rivals what Activision does with Guitar Hero proper — it features a paltry twelve “hit songs.” It’s a list that has, above all, “Dance, Dance” by Fall Out Boy and the B-side track “Forest” by nu-metal band System of a Down. Flooring stuff, right?

Alas, Guitar Superstar wasn’t the only knockoff at CVS. We spotted Wireless Sport plus, a Wii Sports-like all-in-one package featuring two bogus Wii remotes, a UFO sensor bar thing, and an assortment of thrilling mini-games such as Horse, Horse Shoes, and Bag Toss.

The gallery below has several sexy images of these individual products’ boxes, which simply have to be seen. Wireless Sports plus allows to people to play SIMULTANEOUSLY guys. What a concept!

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