Custom Yotsubato box robot warms hearts, waggles wiimotes

Now for your daily helping of bizarre Japanese nonsensery. Allow me to present the custom Wii edition of the Yotsubato cardboard box robot. The figure itself is nothing new, really, it’s just Revoltech‘s rendition of Miura from the manga Yotsubato, decked out as “Danbo” in her corrugated cardboard robot suit.

However, add a few carefully placed decals and a collection of Wii-themed gachapons, and voila! You’ve got news on a slow day an adorable nunchuck-wielding Wii box robot, ready to delight and amaze with its … boxy … cardboardness. Okay, so maybe it’s not all that astonishing, but it’s sure as hell cute, and it’s a fun variation on some of the other custom Danbos we’ve seen. Check out a few more pics in the gallery below. 

[Via Hobby Blog

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