Cursed screens from The Cursed Crusade

Upcoming Xbox 360, PC and PS3 2-player cop-op action game The Cursed Crusade looks good. The trailer Atlus has up on their teaser page excites — rousing music, slashing swords, in-your-face action, realistic vistas. The game is still in development, but the developers took the time to share some new screenshots with us today. 

The new screens show protagonists Denz and Esteban getting their warrior on. They’re getting all swordy and medieval for you. They’re getting all muscle-y and shield-y for you. The ground is cobblestoned like a MF for you. All for you, gamer. All for you.

It looks great, I think. I also think that a split-screen romp with a friend could be pretty fun in this setting. Hopefully we’ll hear more about how that works soon. 

For now, enjoy the screenshots in our gallery below.

Dale North