Crytek to develop PSP games?

As Crytek has previously made clear, Crysis Warhead will be their last PC-exclusive game. Naturally, most people (myself included) expected this to mean that future projects would be ported to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the two most powerful consoles of this generation. Curiously, though, a new job listing shows that Crytek is seeking a programmer for the PlayStation Portable.

While it’s certainly possible that Crytek may be looking into porting future titles to the PSP, I find myself somewhat doubtful over the handheld’s ability to run the high-end graphics that their current games contain. I also find myself wondering who would want to play Crysis with the PSP’s one analog nub. Still, if they’re able to get the CryENGINE 2 running on the PSP for ported and/or original titles, then good for them.

Does anyone else find it a little odd, though, that after complaining about high piracy rates on the PC, Crytek might be making games for the PSP?

[Via Crysis-Online]

Justin Villasenor