Crystal Dynamics is not all about huge breasts

Recently 1UP took the time to talk to the development team that created Lara Croft and her massive “assets,” Crystal Dynamics. The interview focused on the transition that the company is seeking to make after the upcoming Tomb Raider title, Tomb Raider: Underworld.

When asked about the possibility of further expansion within the studio outside of Lara Croft, director of design Noah Hughes had this to say:

When I talk about our appearance, we look at ourselves as an exciting game development studio, not a Tomb Raider house. So really we look into all kinds of options in terms of what else to do, and that spans delivery formats and genres and things like that, so — without [announcing] any specific plans — we continue to look at what the right opportunities for us are.

So, both Hughes and general manager Sean Vesce gave the old “comment, but no comment” on new IPs coming out of the studio. Fine, but what about the revival of an older series? I would love to get my hands on a new Slam ‘N Jam title. Or how about some Gex action? Man, that lizard sure had some serious attitude.

Brad BradNicholson